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Hi there.

I am currently searching for some experienced developers to work for me, on JurassicPvP, our team currently consists of 2 developers,

Experience requirements
  • 1-2 Years experience of Bukkit and Java development.
  • Experience with MySQL and MongoDB.
  • Able to use Maven
  • Working with large complex projects including mini-games.
  • Understanding of Server networking.
Trait requirements
  • Ability to work 2-3 hours per day. (Hours must be clocked)
  • Be willing and motivated to work
  • Work well with staff and players.
  • Meet deadlines and avoid procrastination.
  • Good time management.
  • Confidence in ability.
  • Honest and loyal.
  • Must be able to handle frustration.
  • Creative and independent mindset.
  • Must be 16 or over
Payment for this role will be ***/hour*, this is a negotiable average, payment on a genuine note will be based on projects, we'd discuss the length of each project, *** is...
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Greetings Everyone!
I have a small little announcement for you today!

We are giving you some incentives to be active on our forums. Listed below are some prizes you can get for completing certain milestones on the forums.

3 Messages
You will receive the “Member” title under your name.

15 Messages
You will receive the “Active Member” title under your name.

30 Messages
You will receive the “Well-Known Member” title under your name.

The few above may be changed at a later date.

75 Messages
Post cooldowns are lowered dramatically, extra reactions given to use on posts, Automatic conversation responder.

150 Messages
Custom username effects and bold username.

200 Messages
Anonymous forum post responder, glow username, and sparkles on username.

300 Messages
Change username (every 14 days) and rainbow username.

500 Messages
Custom banner, color, and name.

That’s not all!
We will also have...