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  1. Dear Fable Players,

    Here is my explananation:
    Fable had mountains of console errors and bugs. I was working hard to fix all of these. After extensive testing, the errors are gone and I am trying to fix the bugs. I am truly sorry that this happened but we couldn't have planned for this. We needed players online for this to happen. It wasn't just /wild. It was way more.

    Here are our options:
    1. Re-release the server tomorrow evening.
    2. Re-release the server Friday (6/15)

    Here is the poll to vote:

    Fable will have a complete reset from how it was starting at 6:00PM today. No Factions. No Nothing I am resetting the server because people were set at a MAJOR disadvantage. Some couldn't get claims due to lag, bugs, and simply not being able to eat steak. I want to make it fair for EVERYONE.

    Starting the server, everyone will have 5x of every key, an envoy summon, and other rewards I see fit due to having to endure this today.

    It is very sad that this happened but I hope that we can right this wrong and move forward. Last Player Standing info will be sent tomorrow around 12 CST (noon) in that discord. The poll will close at 10:00 AM CST tomorrow morning (Sunday).

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  2. How will people get their keys?
  3. Wait so if we made the poll and the server is still white listed hmmmmmmmm
  4. You should fix item renamers xD

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