Denied Ban Report against DeweyBoys

Discussion in 'Denied Ban Reports' started by MPro2005, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. General Information

    Offender’s Minecraft Username

    Your Minecraft Username

    What did the offender do?
    Staff Disrespect, Threats

    Please explain in detail what the offender did:
    He actually insulted an admin (Staff disrespect) and he told me to kill my self and go jump of a bridge.I Think thats good reason for banning or warning this player.

    Evidence & Proof

    All Evidence & Proof
    He told me to kill my self in front of staff and thats a proof (C5I,PinkJelly,LandonEZ and even more)
  2. I told an admin to kys not you.
  3. You said "MPro2005 go kys and jump of a bridge" you even said my name... opped staff can check the chat so... you can't lie.Also one more thing, Its even worse to say "kys" to a staff member (Admin) o-o
  4. But I changed my mind I don't ant you to be banned, you already got punished (your apply got denied)
  5. How is that a punishment? also can you send proof next time i know when i didn't because i already sent proof.
  6. Here is my proof: My proof.png
  7. L

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