Server Update Factions Updates, Rank Kits, & Bug Fixes!

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    We have a decent update here for you today!

    Rank Kits
    Kits for each specific rank have now been added. A GUI for them will be created later.

    Faction Updates
    We have overhauled everything with Factions and here is all of it!

    /f upgrades - You can now upgrade 3 things within your faction: Crop Growth Rates, Mob Spawning Rates, and EXP Drop Rates.

    /f perms - You can now change SPECIFIC permissions (opening doors, placing, breaking, interacting with levers, etc.) that each Faction rank and role can do. You can modify each of these for Faction Recruit, Moderator, Co-Leader, Admin, Neutral Factions, Truce Factions, Allied Factions, and Enemy Factions!

    /f fly - ALL RANKS can now fly in their own territories!

    /f inspect - View all block breaks and places from each faction member. Catch insiders with ease!

    /f lowpower - Check people in your faction who have low power!

    Playtime Rewards
    You can now gain specific rewards for how long you spend online! A separate post was made in the Discord about this yesterday.

    Bug Fixes
    Here are a short list of bugs that have been fixed:

    • Ranks not having permissions.
    • Crates not giving /gkits.
    • Ranks received from crates not working.
    • /envoy time now works.
    • Random Chests in the warzone

    Next Update: Envoys being buffed! Expect that to arrive sometime this week!

    Thank you all and have a great day!
  2. Playtime rewards do not work when does that get fix
  3. Also Blazes rods do not give items
  4. My 50th message :) add money gained for f upgrades.
  5. You also have a great day
  6. And when will the next update come?

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