Denied IMGAYANDIMPROUD's Helper Application

Discussion in 'Denied Helper Applications' started by IMGAYANDIMPROUD, Dec 25, 2018.

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    Dec 24, 2018
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    Short Answer Questions (1-25 words)

    What is your IGN?

    What is your age?

    How long have you been playing on JurassicPvP?
    About 1 week

    What is your current rank on the server?

    What is your current timezone?
    I do not know for i am ban rn

    What is your discord tag?

    Long Answer (25-200 words)

    Are you on our discord server and own a working microphone with understandable quality?
    Yes i do have discord, and i have a understandable quality.

    Are you able to upload video evidence? If so, where?
    Yes i can upload on youtube

    How many hours do you spend on the server each week?
    I spend about 18h a week

    If you could change/add/remove something from the server, what would it be and why?
    I would remove all the hackers for it is not fun to hack. I would add anti cheat and stuff to make the server a better place for new commoners to come and play.

    Have you been punished on the server before? If so, for how long and why?
    Yes i am currently ban for 14 days for alting but it is a false ban because uDrop didn’t think that if i have a sibling i would have the same ip.

    Do you have previous experience with being a staff member? If so, what position and on what server?
    No i do not

    Why do you think you would be a good staff member on JurassicPvP?
    I would constantly be on removing any hackers when i have proof, i would also be part of the community to have fun and pvp. I would also make it less like cosmic since it would also destroy this server. I will try to find ways to avoid the lag on this server for it is the second biggest issue.

    You are a Helper on the server and you found a rule breaker. However, you were not able to punish them accordingly. How would you handle the situation?
    I would first of all mute to not cause a riot and then i will wait for a mod or higher ranked person to see if they are truly breaking the rules or not.

    Anything else we should know?
    Well the only reason that i would like to be helper is to help the community and making it a better place for people to have fun.

    Agreements - You must answer these.

    You will not mention or talk about your staff application to a staff member or any authority before an answer has been determined. Breaking this agreement will result in instant denial and further punishment.

    If you are accepted as a staff member, you will agree and not cause arguments or disputes about decisions that you do not agree with.

    If you are denied or rejected, you agree that you will not re-apply for one week. If you break this rule, you may never be able to apply again.
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    Dec 23, 2018
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    You have just be unbanned from the server. Please reapply in 1 week’s time.

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