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    What is your IRL Name (You don't have to say it if you are not comfortable):

    Whats your IGN?:

    What are your past IGN's?:

    What rank are you on fable (If you don't have a rank don't worry we will give you a rank when we have a rank to give):

    How experienced are you in factions?:

    What was your past faction?:

    Are you good at pvp or cannoning, building?:

    Can you do basework?:

    How long will you be able to play Fable for each day?:

    When you apply please send your application to @RedWildinq - Dark_Shadow101#6481 on discord.
  2. Did u just copy my thing and add some stuff

    (!) THIS MESSAGE WAS EDITED BY AN ADMINISTRATOR DUE TO: Inappropriate Language (!) ​
  3. Nope I had that idea for much longer and me and my friend made the ideas
  4. LuL
  5. Maybe Can’t do base work though, I’m a horrible builder.

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