Accepted LandonEZ's Staff Application

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Should this player become a staff member?

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  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Short Answer Questions (1-25 words)

    What is your IGN?

    What is your age?
    8 and a half

    What email should we use to contact you?

    How long have you been playing on Fable Factions?
    I've been on since the VERY beginig and I was fore yars old

    What is your current rank on the server?

    What is your current timezone?
    Fairy Time is what my mommy told me

    What is your discord tag?

    Long Answer (25-200 words)

    Are you on our discord server and own a working microphone with understandable quality?
    Yes I have the BEST mikrofone in the WARLD

    Are you able to upload video evidence? If so, where?
    well my daddy says that I can't have a utube chanel because I am to yung

    How many hours do you spend on the server each week?
    All of thum

    If you could change/add/remove something from the server, what would it be and why?

    Have you been punished on the server before? If so, for how long and why?
    yea loike a feew times

    Do you have previous experience with being a staff member? If so, what position and on what server?
    no they all sed I was to "yung"

    Why do you think you would be a good staff member on Fable Factions?
    no u

    Why would you be a good staff member?
    i just anserd this stoopid queschun

    You are a Helper on the server and you found a rule breaker. However, you were not able to punish them accordingly. How would you handle the situation?

    Anything else we should know?
    give me a +10000000

    Agreements - You must answer these.

    You will not mention or talk about your staff application to a staff member or any authority before an answer has been determined. Breaking this agreement will result in instant denial and further punishment.

    If you are accepted as a staff member, you will agree and not cause arguments or disputes about decisions that you do not agree with.

    If you are denied or rejected, you agree that you will not re-apply for one week. If you break this rule, you may never be able to apply again.
  2. +2 bekoz im gud
  3. +110000000

    This is literally the best staff application I have ever came upon in my life! The application is super detailed. I think I should start a new #.

    Hee it is: #StaffForLandon
  4. Thanks bud.
  5. no u
  6. I'm so sorry but I will have to give this a +100 there is just to much detail for me to read.
  7. uhhhh Accepted no need for interviu
  8. thanks bub i always wanted to be an administrateor
  9. Itz da best everz omgza
  10. +17 Best ive seeeeeen
  11. 10/10 would read again you should be accepted to owner.
  12. best A
    best app i ever seen in my life
  13. Landon,
    I have really been thinking about your application.

    • Knows the server
    • Best application ever written
    • OG
      Perfect age
    • None

    Therefore, I am going to have to ACCEPT your application. I am sorry.

    You have been given Owner rank, I am very sorry for your loss.

    During this, you will encounter:
    People yelling at you for no reason
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