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Should this player become a staff member?

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  1. Short Answer Questions (1-25 words)

    What is your IGN?

    What is your age?

    What email should we use to contact you?

    How long have you been playing on Fable Factions?
    1 day

    What is your current rank on the server?

    What is your current timezone?

    What is your discord tag?

    Long Answer (25-200 words)

    Are you on our discord server and own a working microphone with understandable quality?
    Yes, and I also have a working microphone with good quality. However, I am buying a new one soon with even better quality.

    Are you able to upload video evidence? If so, where?
    Yes, I am able to record at an extremely good quality and I"m able to send it via discord, gmail, and/or upload it to youtube.

    How many hours do you spend on the server each week?
    Well since I just started playing Fable Factions I currently can not answer this question. However I do plan on spending 7-10 hours a week on the server considering I am on summer break maybe even more if I get some spare time.

    If you could change/add/remove something from the server, what would it be and why?
    I would add kits to donor ranks because if someone buys a rank they should be able to have an advantage over the previous rank because they have spent money on the server. I would also add more crates to the server so that there are more options to players and so that the owner can start selling more items in the store to make some money.

    Have you been punished on the server before? If so, for how long and why?
    I have not been punished on Fable Factions.

    Do you have previous experience with being a staff member? If so, what position and on what server?
    I do have some experience in moderating. I used to own servers but I do not have any proof of it except my knowledge. However, I am mod on my friends server since the 25th of December. I also developed my friends server that is currently up. (message me if u want to see)

    Why do you think you would be a good staff member on Fable Factions?
    I want to become a staff member because I love to help out
    I have a lot of skills and qualities I feel I can bring towards the server.
    I'm very Conscientious, I always do my work on time and complete the task.
    I'm very Responsible, I like taking on Responsibilities as it is a challenge, it's really good to know that you have held your responsibility and done it correctly.
    I'm Enthuasiastic, when people see me in-game they're mostly like "hi" and I say "Hi" back, I'm never down or putting people down, I always try to see the best in people and never the worst, a lot of ranked players are Bias towards nons and I don't understand why, but I've never been like that, I see people for them, not their rank, and I believe the current staff-team do that too, the current staff-team do an excellent job and that's also a big part of why I'd love to join the team.

    I know some of the Mods/Sr Mods and have spoke to them quite a few times, I really enjoy their attitude and they put their all into everything, I really respect that about them, they know what they're doing and they definitely deserve to be given more Credit for it.

    Some of my qualities I believe that can help this server are:
    I am very persistent, this relates to me being conscientious, I am very hard working and I put my everything into anything that I do, even if it’s a simple thing. Having a staff member with a quality such as this would help the server by quite a lot as they’ve got a staff member who does not give up.

    I would say I’m a fairly responsible person, I have many responsibilities on Minecraft and outwith Minecraft, having a responsible staff member is vital, if you are not a responsible member of the community you are going to fail as a staff member, I feel like I would fit perfectly in that role, I can be responsible when I chose to and I’m usually always responsible.

    Having manners as a staff member is 100% Necessary in my opinion, I was brought up with manners and know how to use them properly, manners are needed in almost every situation, even if it is Minecraft. Having a respectful staff member with manners would benefit the staff team I believe!

    I would stay loyal to the server and would never choose to server hop, I would never abuse my permissions as a staff member and would use them to do my job and help the community.

    The overall reason why I want to join the Staff Team is:

    I love the atmosphere of this server, I love the community and I love the server itself, I really wish I could help out a little more, although I do always PM Staff or Make a report when something goes wrong, I'd love to be able to help even more, I also have a lot of experience in banning/muting players and feel like that could definitely go a long way!

    Why would you be a good staff member?
    I think I should become a staff member of Fable Factions for these following reasons...

    I personally feel like if you want to interact and get to know someone or a player you just have to be 100 percent honest with them and this is a trait that you learn when you are growing up. I'm not gonna lie to any of you, I have told many lies in my past some for good and some for bad, but this is also something you need to know when you are moderating when you have to be honest with someone and this is something most people should just develop through out. It is very nice when someone is honest with you.

    I am very active when it comes to Minecraft and I am trying to be more active on the forums.

    Kindness is something you have to have when you are moderating a server or just being a person. In my opinion, when I first interact with someone I'm the nicest person you could know. When you are nice to someone you get that back. Like they are nice to you too. Kindness is key to a server too because when you are kind to someone it spreads and you generally have a kind community and a kind server.
    Also gets rid of Toxicity.

    Being aware is so crucial in any type of situation. When a player is asking you for help but you are just being flooded by the chat you have to look for that things. Also when someone is trying to do something but they don't think you know about it. I wish I could describe this trait more in detail.

    Knowledge is so important in anything. If you are applying for a job or a Minecraft Server Application. You have to know what you're getting yourself into. You Also need to know where the server came from and its backround. I don't expect to know every thing about Fable Factions but I've been learning the server very quick. I will try to learn both the In-Game rules and Forum rules by heart.
    I can say I am a very reliable person because I have experienced this in real life (baseball) and through In-Game. I know I have disappointed some people but when I did come back from quiting a while back I have tried my very best to accomplish what I have said and promised to my fellow Players.

    -Being Positive-
    Okay so this is something that I can't stress enough. I know I am not the most "Positive" person there is because if I said that it would be straight up lying. I have said some things that I regret but overall I am a fairly positive person In-Game and In Life. I am currently working on this because I know I could improve this.

    I am a very helpful person. I help In-Game players when they have a question and I have helped Moderators too. Helpfulness is something you learn by yourself and by other people. Some people don't like to ask for help because of ego. I've learned a lot from other people.

    I am generally a forgiving person. I give a lot of second chances and have gotten a lot as well so I know what the person if going through or if it wasn't the persons fault.

    You are a Helper on the server and you found a rule breaker. However, you were not able to punish them accordingly. How would you handle the situation?
    I would first watch them closely to see if they are breaking a rule on the server. If they are breaking however, I would than turn on my recording software (obs or windows recorder) and record or take screenshots them for a reasonable amount of time. (about 5 minutes to make sure I get enough proof). Then, I would send the name of the user, the video, and screenshots I took of the player breaking the rule.

    Anything else we should know?
    I'm funny. I have a girlfriend.

    Agreements - You must answer these.

    You will not mention or talk about your staff application to a staff member or any authority before an answer has been determined. Breaking this agreement will result in instant denial and further punishment.

    If you are accepted as a staff member, you will agree and not cause arguments or disputes about decisions that you do not agree with.

    If you are denied or rejected, you agree that you will not re-apply for one week. If you break this rule, you may never be able to apply again.
  2. Hey minthead,

    This is a decent application. There’s one bit of criticism I have. You’ve answered the questions with very basic answers that are very similar to other applicants on a wide range of servers. You also don’t have much experience so I’m not sure fable would be the best start for you considering the player base.

    Best of luck with the application!

    - PinkJelly
  3. Thank you. I'm sorry for the criticism, I didn't realize it. I do in deed have much more experience but as stated in the note under it, they don't want to hear servers that are not up anymore. So i wasn't able to talk about them
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  4. Okay so PERSONALLY I think you just copied and and pasted it from a website or stole someone's post and edited it to your liking. Again, it's my personal opinion so I will not vote.
  5. Thank you for your opinion. However I did write this. It took me a little over an hour and thirty minutes. I was on the phone with a mod when i wrote this.
  6. I agree I think this was copied and pasted because someone applied with almost exactly the same application for my server a year ago..
  7. I got a idea from others but i didn't copy this
  8. The idea is why YOU want to be staff and use your OWN words to try to get in the staff team not other's.
  9. when i said i got ideas i meant on what to write about like honesty, not what they actually said.
  10. I've known Minthead for a decent amount of time to vouch for him, I know he did not copy and paste this and edit this. Me and Mintheads have been staff on many servers. Minthead has always been a help with servers he is devoted to his work. If he is the devoted I believe that he did not copy and paste and edit this application so yea.

    Mintheads friend from the paste
  11. -1, seems copied...
  12. Its not copied
  13. Proof that it isn't? I mean it is still copying when you take someones application and edit it.
  14. I didn't take anyone's application I wrote this myself
  15. Alright. I hope I can believe you...
  16. Hold up.... How would you know if it is copied?? Staff applications or applications in general can look similar but that's not even an excuse for saying an application is copied. At the very least have proof if it seems copied and from where.
  17. Alright
  18. It’s not copied I checked on the internet lol
  19. Thanks for clarifying I've know Mint for a while he is very devoted to his work so I believe he would never copy ;)
  20. thank you all!!!
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