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Should this player become a staff member?

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  1. oof np
  2. -0 +0 i can't say as i agree it looks very good and has a lot of detail but with a lot of people saying it is copied i think it could be, i don't want to say yes or no, if someone proves this is copied i feel like you should never get a chance at staff but if no one can prove it you get treated like anyone else would.
  3. So far no one can prove it they just say its copied. soo... i dont know
  4. Mintheads,
    I have been looking through the details that others have replied to your application.

    • Active
    • Dedicated
    • +1's
    • Lot of traction
    • Just joined

    After looking over this, I have decided to INTERVIEW you.

    Here's how to get it set up:
    1. Go to #bot-commands
    2. Just type "-new Staff Interview" without the quotations
    3. Then, at the top of the channel list you will find the ticket you made.
    4. Click on that ticket and it will open a text channel.
    5. Then just say "I am ready for my application."
    After I make my decision, I will adjust ranks accordingly and move this application.

    Good luck,
    The Staff Team
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