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    Before i start I would like some criticism as I would like to improve upon it but criticism not hate please also these are my opinion if you think these aren't good suggestions tell me why i would like to know.

    Money Pouches: Because well I love gambling my money and then losing it.

    Custom Enchants: This shouldn't be a surprise seeing as in the Season X trailer you can see.

    Classes/G kits: See now i like the fact Fable had classes but c'mon Genisis class gives you pretty much a god/demi-god set. But i loved the keys class as well i love opening crates.

    Monthly Crates: Monthly crates.... the beautiful things I loved them.

    Auction House: I mean c'mon

    Player Vaults: You gotta store you sh** somewhere

    Crates: Well I mean this is obvious

    Runes: A way of like getting permanent buffs like a rune selection where you can like have a Speed II rune and perm speed II

    Custom Ceggs: Just a way to make raiding I little funner.

    Custom TNT: Well same as above.

    Envoys; i mean isn't Fable like the none p2w Cosmic?

    Fallen Heroes; You gotta get gkits somehow.

    GenBuckets: Ahhh... Then GenBuckets just makes base building actually a sense.

    Good Staff: I can't stress this enough whats a good server when the staff are "too busy" to help you NOT saying that this staff isn't good just some servers are......not the best I guess you could say.

    Events: DPs Koths Mazes Parkour...etc

    Trench Pickaxe: It helps build bases

    Well that's it for now I may revise this to improvise before the server goes up and running good luck to you all and the staff and may you all have a good day <3
  2. Whats the link to the discord if someone if kind enough to send it, please that would greatly appreciated.
  3. Moved to suggestions.
  4. This is awesome I love it! Staff is very important for a great server.
  5. I think all of these suggestion are great!

  6. I like the money pouch because you could add a different currency like fable coins and certain items can be exclusive to this

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