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  1. Hello Fablers,

    Today I have an announcement of everything that is about to happen on Fable!

    Poll Results
    We will whitelist the server and make all these changes soon. The date will be announced shortly. The whitelist should only last 2-4 days.
    However, we haven't decided if we should reset items and the map yet!
    Go to #announcements and VOTE NOW in the second poll! Currently, reset is winning 15-5.
    If we did reset, you would loose everything except ranks and /gkits.
    This poll will close soon.

    Development Team
    Upon the re-opening of the server, we will have two developers alongside me on the development team. They will be:

    Tehy will be responsible for making new plugins not fixing old ones.

    Also upon the re-opening, we will have a new COMMUNITY MANAGER. I am not going to say who it is right now because I want you to guess! Comment who you think the new Manager will be that will be helping us. They are currently staff and they will have access to everything they need to fix things on demand when you need them!

    Custom Enchantments & Gkits
    The CE's and /gkits will be the same (if there aren't more added). The only issue is that old books won't work.
    We are changing and fixing a lot of this system. There were too many bugs to count in the current CE system.
    It will be the same EXACT system but with MANY MANY bug fixes.

    New Features
    • Outposts (24/7 KoTH)
    • Daily Rewards
    • Events
    • Duels
    • GenBuckets
    • 1.7 Cannoning
    • More Kits
    • More /gkits
    • White & Black Scrolls
    • more to be announced...
    Bug Fixes
    Hell, we need this. It is **happening**. If you wish a list of all the bugs fixed, it will be announced later.

    RAM Upgrade
    Along with all this we are transferring to a 16GB server. That is DOUBLE our RAM! This should speed up the server and make it way faster!

    Expect more announcements soon!
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  2. I Think manager will be James f (Pinkjelly)
  3. can you make daily quests for next season
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    Yeah same I am really hyped about this :D I cant wait for it!!!
  5. can i get a invite on discord for this server my name on discord is LogibearJR#3616
  6. pinkjelly for sure
  7. I don't know about pinkjelly he is very new to the staff team
  8. Maybe T_Mind or gamingwithsteve, or chaos All have been staff members for a long time and makes most sense to me
  9. Yeh but he became Moderator in like 3 days, and also he has got alot of experience and even has his own server
  10. the 2-4 whitelist it has been 3 days so you guys have one more left to open the whitelist i can't wait!
  11. indeed i have found out
  12. GG HYPEE!!!!
  13. Can you add back Dueling?

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